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Composition: 100% muslin silk

Dimensions: 27.56 inches x 78.74 inches (70cm x 200cm)

Color scheme: SAND BEIGE

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A large muslin silk stole in monochrome beige. Both chic and elegant, this is a perfect accessory for weddings or other formal events. Muslin silk is very fluid and light, and adds an air of movement to your silhouette. You can wear it in any season, but it is especially nice in the summer at evening parties when the temperature drops a bit. Whether you wear it inside or outside, this scarf will always be beautiful and comfortable and make you look your best. Perfect for a chic gift.

This elegant, soft oversized scarf in classic sand beige silk is an absolute must-have for your wardrobe. This particular shade of beige was chosen to complement the majority of your summer outfits.


This luxurious natural material both complements and completes your most elegant outfits. It will really set you apart with the air of sophistication it adds to you look. You can wear it draped around your shoulders with a low-cut dress, or as a scarf around your neck with a pantsuit. We recommend that instead of trying to pair this scarf with an outfit you would normally associate with beige, instead pair it with an outfit that contrasts with beige The results will truly chic and cutting edge.


To swash a silk scarf, we advise washing by hand. Iron it while it is still moist, on high heat, without vapor. This will protect the natural properties of the silk. While putting it in the dryer is absolutely out of the question, you can take it in for dry cleaning instead.


The dying method used for the silk that we used to make this scarf is known as the winch method. This is a special ancestral, artisanal technique which is used with particularly light, delicate silk fabrics, which puts a minimal amount of pressure and limited mechanical processing, which allows the muslin to remain its relaxed, luminous texture. The fabric is then given a special wash to assure that the dyes will hold, and to give them an optimal texture. Made in France.

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