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Composition: Bag: 100% recycled fibers,  lining/straps/embroidery: 100% cotton

Size: Medium format: Length: 12.60in/7.84in, Height: 9.45in, Depth: 3.15in (L: 32cm/20cm, H: 24cm, D: 8cm)

Background color: Off-white, embroidery: multicolor, Turquoise straps


shipped within 10 days
manufactured to order
An adjustable women’s shoulder bag in striped beige/grey/gold fabric, embroidered with a Mandala design on the front pocket, with interior pockets and a zipper on top. Its shoulder strap and colorful embroidery make it a bag that is as stylish as it is pleasant to wear. Made of a strong material that is composed of recycled fibers with a beige 100% cotton lining. The adjustment buckle and the carabiner are made of gold. Can be worn on the shoulder or crossed over the chest. Designed, woven, and embroidered in Lyon, France. Bright metallic gold zipper closure on the top. 1 exterior pocket and 2 interior pockets. 1 large colorful durable cotton strap: comes fixed at 27.55in (70cm) long but can be adjusted to up to 53.14in (135cm).

Inspired by Mandalas: Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. A Mandala is a geometric design full of symbolic meaning in Asian religious art. It is said that Mandalas represent different aspects of the universe and are used as aids in meditation especially in China, Japan and Tibet. Here, a butterfly is realized like a Mandala, balancing circular elements and symbolizing unity and harmony. A piece best summed up with the phrase, “Spread your wings and fly.”


This original handbag with its inside pockets and its large outside pocket is medium sized, allowing you to carry around all your essentials for the day; it will accompany you everywhere! The fabric of the bag is a neutral color, and can match all your outfits, with the embroidery and the shoulder strap bringing a touch of color to energize your look with a hint of fantasy.


A bag made of recycled material, mostly cotton, should be washed by hand or on in your washing machine on the “delicates” setting. It can be gently ironed on low with vapor.


The Jacquard loom was developed by Lyon-native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, who created the first mechanical system that could be programmed with perforated cards. Thanks to technological advances, our looms are now controlled electronically for faster weaving and higher quality. We have made the fabric for this bag in the purest tradition of Jacquard weaving, with a perfect result thanks to our savoir-faire passed down in our family since 1880. Moreover, this bag is embroidered in our own workshop in Lyon, France on high-tech embroidery machines which give perfect results.

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