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Composition: 100% silk

Dimensions: 11.81 inches x 62.99 inches (30cm x 160cm)

Color scheme: LIME and TURQUOISE


Women’s scarf made of all natural materials. 100% muslin silk, this scarf is very soft and comfortable to wear. The turquoise foliage design on a green lemon background runs continuously down the entire length of the scarf, for a very refined look. A perfect gift for any occasion.


This scarf’s style is very plant-inspired. With flowering bamboo stems and climbing ivy leaves, the realization of the design is stylized and well-adapted to this scarf. Its color scheme consists of a lime background complemented by turquoise hues of the CUT motif.

Outfit pairing ideas:

A perfect accessory for your more formal outfits or for adding a chic touch to a more relaxed look. The dimensions make it perfect for wearing the scarf around your neck, or for tying up your hair. In everyday wear, this scarf can be paired with a white blouse, neutral-colored outfits (beige or off-white), or dark colored clothing (khaki, marine blue or black). Either way, this scarf with its gentle colored background and vividly colored motif will work well with the majority of your outfits. For a formal evening event, wear this scarf with neutral colored outfits. It will lend an added extra elegant, chic touch to your outfit.

Care instructions:

To wash a printed silk scarf, we advise washing by hand in tepid water with a detergent specifically intended for natural materials. Do not let it soak for too long. Rinse it until the water runs clear. We recommend laying the scarf flat to dry. To iron, do not wait until the scarf is completely dry but rather, iron it on low heat while it is still a bit moist. While putting it in the dryer is absolutely out of the question, you can take it in for dry cleaning instead.

Traditionally produced:

Entirely made in France, this scarf is produced in the Lyon region, the capital of French silk weaving. Thanks to new electronic textile printing machines, it is no longer to use printed cards to make patterns on the scarves. With new electronic methods, we can create designs that are even more rich in color and detail than ever before.

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