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Composition: 100% silk

Dimensions: 13.7 x 74.8 inches (35 x 190 cm)

Color scheme: CLASSIC RED

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An elegant, classic scarf for men in all-natural silk, based on a Jacquard design of irregular cashmere motif in varying hues of pine red.This delicate scarf pairs very well with classic looks. The scarf is carefully finished with small silk fringes with a seam at the ends and a fine hem along the lengths. This scarf is entirely designed and produced in Lyon, France.

To design this scarf, we based our concept on simple and yet vibrant cashmere flowers. With the contrast of positive and negative motif, the simple design truly highlights the timeless, noble character of silk. The reflections of red lend this scarf a subtle brilliance.


This scarf can be worn with a black, a gray or marine blue suit for a stylish, elegant look, or tucked into a coat for a more classic, urban look.


To wash a silk scarf, we advise hand-washing. It should be ironed while it is still moist on high heat and without using the vapor setting. While putting it in the dryer is forbidden, dry cleaning is allowed.


The weaving method used to make this scarf, known as the Jacquard method, involves the interweaving of a silk warp thread with another silk weft thread, using a specific pattern. In order to do this, the "Fabrique d’Écharpe" weaving atelier uses Jacquard looms. The Jacquard loom was developed by Lyon-native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, who created the first mechanical system that could be programmed with perforated cards to create a design by interweaving different colored threads. Thanks to the artisan weaving knowledge transmitted to us from generation to generation since 1880, today we have electronically controlled looms that allow for the scarf to be produced with impeccable quality all while respecting the purest methods of traditional Lyon Jacquard weaving.

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