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Composition: 75% cotton, 25% rayon

Dimensions: 21.65 inches x 68.90 inches (55cm x 175cm)

Color scheme: BRIGHT PINK

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Made in France - Lyon
This stole’s immensely soft feel and elegant look comes from our special blend of natural fibers and special color palette of bright pink, dark red and blue. The design, between stripes and foliage, adds more depth and originality to this high quality accessory that is at the forefront of the latest trends. Ideal for accessorizing summery or mid-season outfits, this large scarf can be part of your everyday wear, to be worn with both relaxed and chic outfits.

Our initial conception of this scarf begins with the African Savannah, with big leaves and exotic flowers. In order to give more depth and originality to the flower design, we added fine bands of color, which causes the various hues to spread throughout the scarf thanks to the large stripes of color which run along the length of the scarf. Behind this elaborate fashion accessory lies a lot of creative effort.


Our Chérie scarf is made up of bright colors: bright pink, lavender, bordeaux and touch of blue . This color combination pairs well with beige coats, white jackets, or black outfits. While this particular scarf is more laid-back, it can also lend a touch of fun to an otherwise more chic look.


To wash a cotton scarf, we advise washing by hand. It must be ironed on low heat using the vapor function to protect all the properties of the natural fibers which make up the scarf. While putting it in the dryer is absolutely out of the question, you can take it in for dry cleaning instead.


Our Jacquard method used to make this scarf is a modernized evolution of the weaving method developed by Lyon-native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, who created the first mechanical system that could be programmed with perforated cards to create a design. Thanks to technological advancements over time, our looms are now electronically controlled via very efficient software that allows the scarf to be produced quicker and with a higher level of quality than before.We stay up to date with the latest technological progress to keep the quality of our work in line with modern standards. We created this scarf in the purest tradition of Jacquard weaving, resulting in a perfect product thanks to our savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation since 1880. To make this scarf even softer to the touch, following the weaving process, we softened the fibers with a special wash we created to give the fabric a more gentle feel all while strengthening its resistance.

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