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Composition: 75% Merino wool, 25% rayon

Dimensions: 15.75 inches x 72.03 inches (40cm x 185cm)


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Both comfortable and ultra warm, this scarf is perfect for everyday wear. It is mostly made up of Merino wool for an extra soft touch, and you will particularly enjoy it in the autumn and winter. Its original design based on stylized flowers fades into very in-fashion colors : brown, terracotta and grey. You will also notice its careful finishing work with small black brushed fringes at the ends (about 1cm long) and a very fine hem along the lengths.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the design is made up of multiple flowers and stylized foliage placed on the scarf with one side having a more ample design that fades out towards the other end of the scarf. The background is done in shades of terracotta brown and grey perl hues on a fine herringbone weave.


The colors we used for this scarf are very much in fashion right now, and will pair well with your outfits where black, marine, khaki or off-white dominate. The scarf retains a certain luminosity thanks to its brown and grey hues. Perfect for wearing with a coat or leather jacket to ward off the cold of winter.


We advise washing this wool scarf by hand using a detergent specifically intended for natural materials. Do not let it soak for too long. To dry, put the scarf in a cotton towel to soak up the excess water, but do not wring it out or twist it. Then lay the scarf flat to dry. You can restore the scarf’s softness and delicate touch by ironing on high heat with the vapor function. While putting it in the dryer is absolutely out of the question, you can take it in for dry cleaning instead.


Our current Jacquard weaving atelier is a modern incarnation of the weaving method created by Lyon-native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, who created the first mechanical system that could be programmed with perforated cards to create a design by interweaving different colored threads. Thanks to the evolution of technology through time, our looms are now electronically controlled to ensure that each scarf is made with exceptional quality. We stay on top of the latest innovations in weaving in order to stay at the forefront of modern craftsmanship. We made this scarf in the purest tradition of Lyon Jacquard weaving, resulting in a perfect product every time thanks to the knowledge passed down to us from generation to generation since 1880. This scarf is woven on a warp thread made of black rayon. The ends of the scarf are discrete small black fringes about 1cm long. With a careful hem along the lengths of the scarf, its finish is quite remarkable.

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