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Composition: 100% COTTON

Dimensions: 25.59 inches x 78.74 inches (65x200cm)

Color scheme: MARINE, BEIGE and GREY.

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Made in France - Lyon
Large men’s cheich-style scarf made of 100% natural cotton. The scarf is composed of a fine fabric that is treated with an innovative wash that gives it extra softness and amazing durability; it’s especially great for men with beards. The geometric pattern features classic, refined tones: marine, beige, blue, grey hues, and white. The finish work is top-of-the-line, with mini fringes at the base and thin hems along the lengths. Ideal for a gift made in France!

An original set of patterns interlocked with one another like tiles. A redesigned geometry to create a modern chic men's accessory. The color scheme is refined and chosen from a classic palette of blues, grays, and beiges. Framed by a plain line of 3-4cm to accentuate the pattern. Designed by La Fabrique d’écharpe.


With its timeless colors, this large cheich-style scarf can be worn with several types of outfits. “Summer” outfits based on white or beige would be perfect, while khaki, brown or blue also all work wonderfully. Avoid patterned shirts or polos!


Thanks to its 100% cotton composition, this stole is very durable and can be machine washed at 30°C or 86°F. Can be ironed without any problems. Avoid overly aggressive detergents which could tarnish the printed pattern in the long run. Over time, multiple washes will add even more softness and comfort to your scarf.


This stole is made in France, printed in the Lyon region on the latest generation digital printing machines. This innovative process is in continuity with the beautiful inventions and manufactures of Lyon textiles. To further improve the feel of this stole, we have softened the fibers after weaving with a wash specially designed to soften the fabric and increase its durability.

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