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The CASHMERE is a rare natural textile fiber and renowned for its softness, warmth and lightness. The CASHMERE is of animal origin, it comes from the long and silky wool of the goat "Kashmir". In winter, this goat presents a tight down of fine and supple hairs that is worked to obtain an exceptional yarn for our weaves.

  Our cashmere is renowned for its extreme softness, exceptional warmth and incomparable finesse. Ideal mixed with silk and merino wool in our stoles and scarves Man.

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CACHEMIRE wool is one of the finest and softest natural materials. Coming from the cashmere scarecrow, in winter it presents a tight down of fine and flexible hair that is worked to obtain an exceptional thread for the weaving of our stoles. Cashmere is a material used for all the most luxurious items.

Cashmere stole for men and women: Mixed with silk and / or cotton, our large cashmere scarves are very soft and very comfortable. Lightweight on the shoulders or around the neck without comparison with other materials.A bright monochrome color and very chic woven patterns, our cashmere scarves are very easy to wear to accessorize all types of clothing and all types of styles ; always in search of perfection and luxury.


All of our cashmere stoles are entirely created and manufactured in our workshop in LYON on our Jacquard looms. A know how for several generations, guaranteeing the quality of our products. Each article is made with the utmost care.

To wash a cashmere stole, we recommend a hand wash in cold water with a special wool detergent. Do not use softeners and gently rub the cashmere wool. Rinse until the water is clear. Do not wring or twist your scarf. Mop it between two towels before drying it flat. No heat and no tumble dryer and if ironing becomes necessary, do it upside down, iron not too warm, gently, without crushing. Thus, all the properties of cashmere will be preserved for a long time.

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