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COTTON is a plant fiber that surrounds the seeds of cotton plants. This fiber is transformed into yarn to be woven and to make our scarves.

COTTON is hypoallergenic (very little allergenic), very healthy in contact with the skin it has a good air permeability that allows the passage of air.

Very comfortable to wear, our COTTON-based scarves offer you an impressive palette of colors: cheches, stoles and scarves are declined on very refined drawings.

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COTTON is a vegetable fiber. Soft and pleasant material, a cotton scarf is worn every day.

The scarf factory offers a wide range of COTTON BIO scarves with a wide range of colors to match any of your outfits with a scarf. Mixed with wool, silk or modal, all our scarves are soft and comfortable.

The women's cotton scarves are very colorful to highlight your line and your outfit. For summer or winter, you will find the best value for money. The woven patterns are creative and sought after and the color combinations are rewarding.

Men's cotton scarves, simpler and more classic, bring a touch of elegance to men who wish to enhance themselves. Particular care has been taken to resist the friction of the beard as much as possible.

Cheche or stole cotton men or women are larger in size, usually between 1.80 and 2 meters. The weaving of a cheche is thinner and remains very flexible to wear this scarf around the neck without being heavy. The cheche and the cotton stole protect against draint of air and can be worn all year long.


The maintenance of a cotton scarf is less delicate than silk or wool.

To wash your scarf, we advise you to wash it by hand, especially if the cotton scarf is mixed with silk or wool. However, it is possible to wash it in the machine. As a precaution, the temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. The use of the dryer is not recommended, it is best to extend your scarf outdoors while being careful not to place too close to a direct source of heat and not in direct sunlight. Ironing must be done with a medium iron and steam to restore volume to the natural fibers.

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