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A thick and soft natural fiber, WOOL has thermo- and hydro-regulating properties that are not matched by any other fiber. Merino wool has many advantages: it insulates well, it doesn't itch on contact with the skin, it is light and keeps its shape without wrinkling. And all this in a naturally durable way. Our selection of merino and mulesing free wools guarantees our scarves an incomparable softness while respecting the animal's well being. We mix it with Silk, Cotton, Cashmere or Modal for a very soft and comfortable jacquard weave.

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The MERINOS WOOL used for the weaving of our scarves, stoles and scarves comes from the dense and curly fleece of a breed of sheep mainly raised in Australia. This wool is abundant and comfortable, elastic and resistant. Three times finer than traditional wool, it does not sting and has great insulating power to protect against the cold.

La Fabrique d'écharpe offers a wide range of wool scarves for women and men. Mixed with silk, cotton and/or modal, our stoles are woven with the greatest care for maximum comfort and longevity. Patterns created in-house and various colors, several sizes are offered to fit your desires and needs.


The women's and men's wool scarf is a classic size for simple and daily use. It can be worn even during the off-seasons.

The women's wool stole is longer and wider than the scarf. More enveloping, the wool stole adapts perfectly to the most frigid people to face all the cold of winter. Tied around the neck or simply placed on the shoulders, a wool stole is ideal to highlight a beautiful color palette or to remain chic and elegant with neutral tones.

The wool plaid or wool over-size stole is very large in size. This fashion accessory can be considered a garment and easily replaces coats and jackets.


All of the items offered in this WOOL category are entirely made in our workshop in LYON with our Jacquard looms. The perfection and the care brought to the manufacture of our merino wool scarves are inherited from a knowledge transmitted for several generations.


How to wash your WOOL stole ? We recommend hand washing with a detergent specially adapted to wool. Dry preferably flat without twisting the scarf. To iron with an iron not too hot and steam to keep all the properties of this natural material. If the tumble dryer is forbidden, the dry cleaner is authorized.

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