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Accessorize your elegant formal outfits with high quality, soft, light-weight, 100% silk scarves and stoles. Whether you’re wearing it to a wedding, a gala event, or just for a night out, our scarves are ideal for making a perfect and well-finished figure.

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Stoles and scarves made especially for weddings and special occasions.


We offer a wide choice of 100% muslin silk scarves, both monochrome and printed, for women that are specially designed to be worn at special events like a wedding.


Muslin silk is a fluid, light, transparent material that offers an incredible softness and comfort. As silk scarf is the ideal accessory for highlighting your outfit and figure.


Our different models are either luminous and colorful to add a dazzling touch to your outfits, or, neutral and natural for a more discrete, refined, and romantic look. Our monochrome silk stoles and scarves pair well with a large variety of different outfits in your wardrobe. Our printed scarves, however, are done in more cutting edge fashion looks. They are created using current seasonal styles and adapted to different looks and styles that you might want to emphasize or highlight.


Our silk stoles are primarily meant to be worn over your shoulders, while our silk scarves are meant for wearing around your neck, but of course, nothing prevents you from playing around with them to create your own style.


All of our styles in our wedding and special events collection are entirely made in the Lyon region, France’s silk capital. To be the most beautiful one in all the photos of your special event, wear a silk scarf from La Fabrique d’Écharpe.

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