Entreprise du patrimoine vivant


The "Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant" label is synonymous with excellence Made in France


La Fabrique d'Echarpe's workshop has been labeled EPV since December 19, 2007 by Mr. Hervé Novelli, Secretary of State for Enterprise and Foreign Trade, and was renewed on May 28, 2013 by Mrs. Sylvia Pinel, Minister of Crafts, Trade and Tourism, and Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Productive Recovery. 


This label rewards unique companies who successfully combined tradition and innovation, expertise and creation, work and passion and especially heritage and future. For consumers, the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label is a reference and a guarantee of quality. All labeled companies are recognized for their respect of their arts and their exceptionnal ability. In addition, they guarantee the French manufacturing heritage. By choosing to consume products manufactured by EPV, you support maintenance and development of these prestigious activities in France, and you consolidate long-term and non-offshored jobs.




La Fabrique d'Echarpe's workshop has been labeled EPV since 2007.



La Fabrique d'Echarpe's workshop forms part of this limited selection of French iconic factories. They share the same values : adaptability, reactivity, innovation, passion for the business, excellence and especially the "Made In France". His exceptional know-how of weaver transmitted for 7 generations gives it all its legitimacy to belong to the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label. By choosing your scarves in La Fabrique d'Echarpe's collections, you are assured to have a prestigious quality product, made in France and you participate in the safeguarding of the know-how of the French weavers as well as a dozen jobs!


Discover La Fabrique d'Echarpe's Made in France collections and take part in safeguarding French craft.

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