Natural materials and non-toxic dyes




The silk

Silk is a natural fiber from animal, it is produced by the caterpillar (the bombyx) of the mulberry. Discovered by a Chinese princess between 3000 and 2000 BC, today, it is one of the noblest materials, its natural brilliance, extreme softness and lightness are all qualities that make it unique.

For its scarves, La Fabrique d’écharpe uses a beautiful silk traditionally spun in Italy. Nicely selected by Nicolas, for its reflections and incredible silky touch, you can wear it both in winter and in summer thanks to its high insulating power. Here is its label:

Oeko-Tex :  non-toxic dye: neither for the environment nor for you.

Maintenance tip : silk can be washed by hand, in cold water with a special silk product. If you are in doubt, it is best to dry-clean your scarf.









The merino wool

Merino wool is a natural fiber from the long and fine hairs of the merino sheep. This species from North Africa has a dense and homogeneous fleece with very high quality. Soft and supple, it offers incomparable comfort on the skin: it does not scratch like a classic wool.

La Fabrique d'Echarpe uses this fabulous merino wool for its scarves. Very soft and warm, it is perfect from the first freshness. We chose to work this wool because in addition to all its properties it has many certifications:

Oeko-Tex :  certified non-toxic dye neither for the environment nor for you.

Museling free : certified without animal abuse

Woolmark : pure new wool

Maintenance tip : merino wool is washable by hand in cold water (raise the temperature gradually).  Be careful, however, because it fears mites and bleach, and bad ironing can permanently damage it, so do not put your iron too hot and iron without pressing, for safety you can insert a cloth between your scarf and iron. You can vaporize the scarf with vapor, the merino wool will swell and get back its texture. If you are in doubt, dry cleaning is recommended.





The Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is a plant-based material from silky duvet that surround the cotton seed. The Egyptians know the cotton since several millennia before our era, that’s why their expertise is an undeniable asset. Cotton is a fiber that has many advantages: resistance, softness, fineness and easy maintenance.

La Fabrique d'Echarpe uses cotton from Egypt, cradle of its culture. The one that Nicolas has selected, is fine and colorful, its softness is comparable to merino. Like all other materials used in La Fabrique d'Echarpe's workshop, it has the following certification :

Oeko-Tex :  certified non-toxic dye neither for the environment nor for you.








The cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most prestigious materials that exists. It comes from goat down in the cashmere region (between the Himalayas and Mongolia). Finer than merino wool, cashmere is the softest material in the world, it is light, silky, shiny, mellow and warm. A goat produces 200g of cashmere a year, that’s why this material is rare and expensive.

La Fabrique d’Echarpe has the privilege of working on this exceptional material. From a small artisanal farm, the cashmere that we use is of high quality and has many labels.


Maintenance tip : for cashmere we recommend dry cleaning to preserve all the properties.







The linen

Linen is a natural plant fiber. The plant with blue blossoms reaches approximately 1m. It is a very old textile fiber, the first traces of linen go back to 10 000 BC on Asia Majeure plateaus. Much appreciated during summer linen scarves are very light and very fresh.

La Fabrique d'Echarpe uses a very fine linen for its summer collections. Selected for its softness and slightly flamed appearance, the raw material that we use has Oeko-Tex certification.

Oeko-Tex :  certified non-toxic dye neither for the environment nor for you.









The modal

Modal is a textile fiber obtained by spinning wood cellulose (usually beech). Modal is very flexible, very soft and remain the same after several washing cycles.

The modal that La Fabrique d'Echarpe has selected is very fine and fluffy, its softness is very similar to that of silk. It is one of the most pleasant materials to wear. This material is perfect all year, summer through winter : associated with merino wool, the scarf will be soft and warm; associated with cotton and silk, it will be fluid and fresh. Like all materials that we use in La Fabrique d'Echarpe's workshop, the modal is also certified :

Oeko-Tex :  certified non-toxic dye neither for the environment nor for you.






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