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SILK is obtained after weaving the cocoon threads into a fabric of exceptional softness and low thickness. This natural fiber is the strongest known.

SILK insulates very well, warm in winter / cold in summer, it is one of the most pleasant fibrous materials in the world.

A fiber out of the ordinary, softness, lightness, exceptional thermal quality, shimmering color ... the QUEEN of materials.

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SILK is a noble material 100% natural. Incredibly soft and very comfortable, silk has isothermal qualities that make it a fabric that adapts to all seasons. You can wear a SILK scarf on any occasion. 

Silk stole for women : Ideal to complete an outfit for a wedding or for a ceremony, the large choice of colors makes your selection easy. With a large size, the silk stole is worn on the shoulders or wrapped around the neck. To finish a silhouette, a silk scarf is always chic and elegant.

Printed and DUO silk scarf : Refined and delicate proposal of an association between a printed silk chiffon scarf and a plain silk chiffon scarf. To be worn together or separately according to your desires, this mix is trendy and creative. The various patterns and bright colors bring elegance like a jewel. The size of these two scarves also allows you to use this fashion accessory as a belt, to tie it in your hair, to make a headband or to decorate your handbag.

Silk scarf man: The scarf factory weaves scarves in 100% Silk for men chic and very elegant. A timeless style and exceptional quality.

Washing a silk scarf is quite easy: Whether it is printed or plain, washing a silk scarf should be done by hand, stirring the water a little to remove dirt, then dry it flat without wringing it. The ironing is done with an iron not too hot and the scarf or the stole still a little wet for a perfect result. No tumble dryer but dry cleaning is allowed.

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