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Low prices for cheches in natural materials and made in France! Mostly Oeko-Tex cotton cheche are also available with silk or linen. Very soft, very fine and very large, cheche are an essential accessory for both women and men.

You want to impress him even more?

Give him the golden ticket, which will allow him to create his custom-made scarf thanks to our configurator, with an exclusive photo showing its manufacture >>

The CHECHE or North african scarf: Originally used by men of the dessert to protect the head from the aggression of hot rays of the sun, today it has become a fashion article in its own right. Mainly in COTTON, a CHECHE is a large fluid and light stole that we weave with colored threads. Always pleasant and comfortable to wear, men's  and  women's CHECHE are made with great care for everyday use.


They adapt to all styles and complete all your summer outfits. The lightness of the article allows it to be worn even during warm periods. To protect yourself from drafts coming from air conditioners or from the freshness of summer evenings, order a chèche, it will accompany you on all occasions.


The weaving of all this scarfs is entirely realized in our own workshop in LYON thanks to our looms Jacquard and a knowledge inherited for several generations.

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