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Tradition and creativity are combined to make these stoles, 100% made in Lyon, France.

 A blend of natural materials like silk, Merino wool, cotton, cashmere, and linen to weave stoles for both men and for women. A very complete set of choices to envelop yourself in. For both winter and summer, we offer stoles for all seasons in a magnificent set of blends of colors.

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La Fabrique d’Écharpe designs and weaves a large collection of stylish stoles in natural materials.

We have stoles for women, but also for men, in wool, cotton, silk, linen, and cashmere, making this timeless fashion accessory a must for completing your outfit and highlighting your figure.

The size of a stole is larger and longer than a regular scarf. The dimensions are generally between 55cm x 175cm and 80cm x 190cm, but, for our oversized stoles, the dimensions go up to 100cm x 200cm.

Our cashmere or wool stoles are ideal to wrap yourself up in in winter, while our cotton stoles for summer are also known under the name, cheich.

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