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Tradition and creativity for scarves 100% made in Lyon.


Mix of natural materials, SILK, MERINO WOOL, COTTON, CASHMERE, LINEN ... to weave scarves and stoles for men and women. A very complete choice for exceptional scarves. SUMMER or WINTER, we offer for all seasons beautiful color combinations.

You want to impress him even more?

Give him the golden ticket, which will allow him to create his custom-made scarf thanks to our configurator, with an exclusive photo showing its manufacture >>

La Fabrique d'Echarpe creates and weaves a large collection of chic and varied scarves made of natural materials.

Women's stoles and scarves and men's scarves. Stole wool, cotton scarf, silk stole, linen scarf and cashmere scarf, the scarf is an indispensable fashion accessory to finish off an outfit and underline its silhouette.

A large choice of sizes is proposed, to adapt according to one's desires and to the occasions of wearing the scarves.

- Scarf: Not too long for everyday use and to keep around all day. In silk, wool or cotton, a scarf is easy to wear.

- Stole: Dimension bigger than a scarf, a merino wool stole or a cashmere stole is ideal to wrap in the winter. A cotton stole or linen stole adapts better for summer periods to protect against drafts of air conditioning or sunlight.

- Large square: Still large, the large square is a modernization of the shawl for the 21st century. Wear it in a point on the front or diagonally folded for a look similar to the stoles.

- Chèche: Mainly in cotton and silk, we offer very soft and very comfortable woven weeds to accessorize summer outfits. The man's scarf is a trendy item, easy to wear. The women's choker highlights a silhouette with a casual style outfit.

- Ceremony and Wedding: A large range of colors for silk stoles are proposed to complete chic and elegant outfits. Silk duo (plain and printed) are also to see for more fantasy or to multiply your possibilities to wear them.

A configurator is proposed to make his own scarf or his own stole. Unique scarf thanks to a very wide choice of pattern and a wide range of possible colors, we propose you to become a stylist for a day by creating yourself a wool - silk stole or a cotton - silk stole of very high quality. We realize it for you in 3 weeks in our workshop in Lyon thanks to our different looms Jacquard. Ideal to make an exceptional unique gift or to order for oneself.

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