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Composition: 70% cotton, 20% cashmere, 10% silk

Dimensions: 23.62 inches x 76.77 inches (60x195cm)

Color scheme: BEIGE

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Made in France - Lyon
A luxurious men’s scarf made of quality cashmere. This particular blend of cashmere, cotton and silk is ideal for providing softness, warmth, and comfort. Its original satin weave gives the scarf bulk and depth. The design consists of two wide bands with geometric patterns in a diamond style inspired by ties. Its color scheme of brown and beige is timeless. All in all, the small geometric design combined with classic colors gives your look an elegant chic touch. An original and luxurious gift that would please anyone!

Our designer was inspired by a desire to create a timeless pattern in line with current trends for men. She revisited and reworked a tie style by dividing it into two parts and in two different sizes. By keeping a sober brown and beige color scheme, this beautiful men’s scarf becomes classic and timeless. The cashmere/cotton/silk material chosen enhances this.


You can wear this luxurious cashmere scarf when you’re going out by pairing it with a suit jacket, a coat, or a sweater. If you wear it with the fringe exposed, it will make for a more relaxed look. The colors can be paired with almost any outfit. Its two classic colors can be combined with all neutrals colors: brown, blues, leather, beiges…


For this cashmere-based scarf, we recommend hand washing. Soak your scarf in a little lukewarm water (be careful, cashmere does not do well with temperature changes). Use a non-aggressive detergent like Marseille soap or a special wool detergent. Do not wring the scarf out but rather place it in a towel and lay it flat to dry. Iron on low heat with plenty of steam to restore the wool’s fluffiness and softness. While you cannot put your scarf in the dryer, you may take it in for dry cleaning, which is even recommended.


Our Jacquard looms are a modern evolution of the weaving loom developed by the Lyon-native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, who made the first programmable mechanical system with punched cards. Thanks to developments over time, our looms are now managed electronically for better speed and exceptional quality. We follow innovations very closely to stay at the cutting edge of technology and offer you the best in terms of weaving. We have made this stole for you in the most authentic traditions of Jacquard weaving in our own workshop, with perfect results thanks to the know-how passed down from generation to generation in our family since 1880.

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