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Composition: 100% SILK muslin 

Dimensions: Printed scarf: 13.8 inches x 63 inches (35 x 160 cm) + Monochrome airy scarf: 17.7 inches x 63 inches (45 x 160 cm)


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Made in France - Lyon
Two matching muslin silk scarves made of 100% natural materials. They can be worn together or separately as you wish. This scarf pair is comprised of a printed orange airy scarf with a medaillon flower pattern, and a monochrome luminous golden yellow silk scarf. As a whole, being both elegant and soft, it is perfect for accessorizing and complementing your chic and relaxed summer outfits.

The inspiration for this design comes from the medallions which decorate sculptures, ceilings, and architectural façades, both painted and in bas relief, and inscribed on circular and oval stamps. Printed on a muslin silk scarf, this particular style adds depth and creativity to this fashion accessory which will be indispensable in completing your outfit. The set is completed with a plain silk scarf in a bright yellow gold color for a creative combinaison.


Being a very original concept, this pairing of two scarves opens the door to a multitude of possibilities for pairing with different outfits, either together or separate on their own. You can wear your scarves over marine, orange, or yellow dresses, over a jean jacket, or with white ou off-white blouses. An ideal accessories combinaison to complete elegant outfits or to add a touch of chic to a more relaxed look. The dimensions are perfect for wrapping around the neck or for using to tie up your hair. In everyday use, the scarf can be worn with both light colored outfits (beige or off-white) and darker ones (marine blue, or black). In either case, this two scarfs adds color while remaining discrete and luminous. For an evening party, pair this scarf with white, or black dresses. It will give an added touch of chic elegance.


To wash a silk scarf, we advise hand-washing. It should be ironed while it is still moist on high heat and without using the vapor setting. Doing it this way preserves the natural properties of the silk. While putting it in the dryer is forbidden, dry cleaning is allowed.


To dye the silk to make these scarves, we used the winch method, an old artisanal technique which is used for more delicate fabrics on which we must use as little pressure and mechanical processing as possible to complete the job. This method allows the muslin to attain an exceptional level of relaxation. Next, the fabric is fix washed in order to make sure the dyes will hold, as well as to strengthen the fabric and making it more resistant while also making it have a more premium feel to the touch. For the printed scarf, the pattern is applied to the scarf using high quality digital inkjet printing which guarantees that the motif comes out in high definition, optimal color penetration, and without doing harm to the delicate muslin silk. These two scarves are made in the old silk traditions of Lyon, right here in France.

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